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An abbreviation referring to the popular internet website "" The terminology is commonly utilized by those who are trying to "keep it real."
Pronounced "Herb-dick."
"Yo dog, I don't know what Urb Dic means, so imma go on Urb Dic and find out."
by FlagrantZulu January 01, 2010
27 8
Short form of Urban Dictionary. Used when chatting online or between fellow communists.
Zlad: "Wowza, that dirty slut was taking that Hot Karl face first!"
Boris: "What is a Hot Karl?"
Vyacheslav: "Boris you need to get your Urb Dic up!"
by Johnny Rockets November 23, 2005
164 41
Abbrevation of UrbanDictionary
Why say UrbanDictionary when you can say UrbDic
by jordandw July 08, 2005
82 12
short for urban dictionary
urbdic is the shit nigga
by Pablo Rainman April 12, 2006
19 14
Contributers, readers and fans of
Imagine all the urb dics it took to get this site to where it is now!
by nomekea August 16, 2010
1 0
(verb): to post a definition on the online dictionary Urban Dictionary; the act of posting a definition on Urban Dictionary
Did you know they don't have the definition for nerjiggles on Urban Dictionary? We should urbdic it.
by Salzburg July 17, 2007
3 2
1. (v) The act of adding a word to

2. (n) Abbreviation of
1. Redic?! Yo, go urb-dic that shit!

2. You checked the urb-dic word of the day, yet? That shit is funny
by StampedCrane August 28, 2006
6 5