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One of the Nine Muses of Greek mythology, Urania presides over astronomy, astrology and astronomical writers. In art, she was depicted pointing to a globe with a rod.
A daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne, Urania is the Greek muse of astronomy.
by shoemoneytonight January 28, 2010
Uranium is element number 92 on the Periodic table.
The best soft of Uranium you can use for making bombs is Uranium 235 (This means that is only has 235 nucleons)
Hi Papa! I brought homoe some Uranium 238, let's make a bomb!
Son, r u dumb! This is not gut enoff! Get some Uranium 235!
by Plettner May 07, 2014
A show on Fuse where Juliya, the host, interviews bands badly.
Juliya interviewed System of a Down twice, and the second time, she, Serj, and Daron got in a fight.

Juliya: You keep giving me one word answers!
Serj: What if one word answers the question?
Daron: We do an interview any way we want to, just like we make our music. We don't make it for radio, we don't make it for Uranium, we make it for answer all your questions about why the band is big...because we're honest.
by Ditzymon March 21, 2007
gay ass show that plays gay ass metal

the gayest thing since rap and emo and nu metal and lip-synching and boy/girl bands
fuck mtv and anything that resembles it (like this shit)
by headbangers ball is gay November 01, 2004
On this show they go and have these amateur interviews of a bunch of metal bands. The host is this total bomb-shell rocker-goth-chick, named Juliya.
Though most of the bands interviewed on the show aren't good examples of the greatest metal (i.e. Megadeth and Pantera), this show is still a good alternative compared to any of the crap they have on MTV of VH1. Plus, the host is gorgeous!
by Mike Vangrin October 28, 2004
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