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Elaboration of the severity of the condition down syndrome
Up Syndrome: You got down syndrome so bad, you probably got up, left, and right syndrome too
by Dickweed69 August 23, 2010
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a condition of extreme smartness
"I'm so smart I have Up Symdrome."
by tug July 09, 2003
The condition where genitalia is in a perpetually happy state.
"Tom came down with a case of up-syndrome soon after meeting Caroline."

"We always thought Susie was a bit weird, but we didnt know for certain until her secret reared its ugly little head -- she was diagnosed with up-syndrome."

5:00 News Report:
"Rare condition found in man with up-syndrome... Are two penises better than one?"
by PetShelterPimp March 05, 2005
having so much down syndrome that you dont even know what is going on. you must have a lot of downs to be able to get upsyndrome. this is a very rare but life threating disease. but by having upsyndrome you are automatically a playa.
guy 1: is that an upsyndrome over there!?
guy 2: duh. he is so dumb. but he is a boss at the same time.
guy 1: word.
by wordmang222 December 14, 2010
1. The state of one's PENIS being in a perpetual state of happiness.
"Ever since meeting Caroline, I think Tom has come down with a bout of up-syndrome."

"...It really sucks having your upsyndrome flair up at a gay bar..."

We always thought Susie was weird, then the truth reared its ugly little head -- out of her pants when she was diagnosed with up-syndrome!"

5:00 News Headline:
"Rare condition found in man with up-syndrome -- are two penises better than one?"
by PetShelterPimp March 05, 2005

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