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When someone sticks their dick up someone's ass.
Oh my, that man got reared by that llama over there.
#fucked #reaped #fuck #anal #ass
by The one named K3N April 10, 2006
Originally, to bring up or raise a child (Stewart was reared by his grandmother). Now: to be taught a lesson in an unforgiving manner in any activity, usually a sport or a video game. Essentially a synonym for "schooled", rear also acts as a double entendre, hinting that the schoolee was done in the butt by the schooler-- thus, the lesson was a costly and painful one.
Shit, man! We reared those 14-year-olds in ball today! I can see why they didn't make the JV squad!
#school #taught #learn #reer #pwned #owned
by Neil Savage May 04, 2008
When someone has a big ass
Yo! That chick is reared.
#rear #fatty #thick #busted #bodacious
by Simply Sam, Nothin more January 05, 2008
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