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The place where people who are intelligent, beautiful, worldly go to meet each other and marry.

(94% of Pitt students meet their spouce here)

Established prior to PennState. Far more reputable.
Jane went to the University of Pittsburgh to meet Dick. They lived happily ever after.
by prancer March 26, 2005
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am elite and prestigious, state-related university located in Western Pennsylvania which is well known for it's law, medical and other graduate schools as well as it's ability to attract an intelligent, motivated, diverse and quite attractive student body.
I wish I was smart enough to go to the University of Pittsburgh. I guess I'll just go to nova
by Behrad May 31, 2005
A prestigious, top 20 public university in the city of Pittsburgh, PA. Is home to around 20,000 undergraduate students and is most notable for its excellent medical and pre-professional programs. Typically has an excellent basketball team and has recently had a top 20 football team.
University of Pittsburgh is officially the most selective public university in Pennsylvania. HAIL TO PITT!
by realcoolkid December 16, 2009
Manheim Township University; Where you will see most people from your high school
Why are there at least 60 people from Township going to the University of Pittsburgh?
by mtxioti91 May 21, 2009
A university for those who got rejected from Penn State. Pitt is an inferior education and have a non-existent football program. Graduates look forward to working as local Walmart greeters and fast-food cashiers.
I wish I could have gone to Penn State said the University of Pittsburgh student.
by the white lion November 25, 2008
A "University" in Pittsburgh, PA that features subpar sports teams that wish they were half as good as their neighbors from the south, West Virginia University.
Dude, the University of Pittsburgh got their asses handed to them by the Mountaineers last Thanksgiving!
by WVU_Jay July 02, 2006

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