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An institution with enough money to build a Colosseum and call it the gym, stock the halls with Vitamen Water vending machines, and have flat screen tvs on the walls to every class. But not enough money to give the band kids lockers at the beginning of the school year.

It also has a history of letting kids who get in trouble off the hook very easily.

The kids have nicer cars then the teachers.
"That kids is going to get expelled! "
"No, no. This is Manheim Township."
by a.c.i.d October 10, 2009
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The school thats hundreds of millions of dollars in debt and settles their budgeting issues by making student parking passes $100 and forcing the students to pay $120 for their first extra curricular activity, $80 for the second, and $60 for everything after that. The parking permits are ridiculous since they don't even take care of the parking lot. They don't even clear the snow and ice, students fall down in the icy parking lots walking into school in the winter. Known as the "rich" school, which is hilarious since it has no money but the school board wants everyone to think it does. It might as well be a private school since parents are basically paying tuition. Oh. and they also charge activity fees for students that are raising money for childhood cancer.
Person 1: "Hey you know Dr. Gene Freeman? The superintendent of Manheim Township?"

Person 2: "Oh you mean the vagina face that makes kids pay money to help children dying form pediatric cancer?"
by Pissed off student. May 10, 2012
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The rich school in Lancaster, PA that wins at everything and that everyone hates.
Guy #1: Wow. That guy is a real jerk. What a snob. He thinks he's better than us

Guy #2: He goes to Manheim Township...

Guy #1: That explains it.
by FluffytheMerchMan December 13, 2011
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The best school in Lancaster, PA. The staff really cares about their students, which is why they beat all the neighboring districts at almost everything. Be careful, though, they don't really care for outsiders unless you live in a McMansion in Lititz. Other than that it's great to go to Township. Go Township Blue Streaks!
school lancaster pa manheim township manheim township district
by millpondlititz April 05, 2011
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the area in lancaster pa, where all the kids think they're the richest people in the world, even though their school is looking a lot like the local shit school McCaskey. where the fact that they acutally live in hicktown doesnt register in the minds and the fact that their highschool is finally on the verge of getting remodeled makes people angrier than ever.
Manheim Township is where people go to feel rich when it's really not that expensive to begin with.
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