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Nickname of the world famous and world class West Virginia University, also known as WVU. The Mountaineers are by far the best football team in the Big East, winning three straight conference championships (no, Pitt fans, you can't say the same thing, cause Pitt sucks). Also home of the best basketball coach in the nation, John Beilein.
Did you see the Mountaineers destroy Georgia in the Sugar Bowl?

Pittsburgh Panthers are a bunch of whimps, they ain't got no guts. Ask any Mountaineer and he'll tell you that the Panthers really suck!
by WVU_Jay July 02, 2006
A "University" in Pittsburgh, PA that features subpar sports teams that wish they were half as good as their neighbors from the south, West Virginia University.
Dude, the University of Pittsburgh got their asses handed to them by the Mountaineers last Thanksgiving!
by WVU_Jay July 02, 2006

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