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A break for laborers. They are generally scheduled every hour, on the hour, for one hour.
"Time for a union break"
by satans_dad January 13, 2013
While working for an employer who is signature to a collective bargaining agreement, you stop working to rest, several times a day and for at least several minutes in duration. Union Breaks can be described as frequent and long.
Hey, we’ve been on the clock for 20 minutes now, time for a Union Break.
by The CLE Steamer May 11, 2009
When doing a job with friends or family, a damn good excuse to have a beer, sit down, and spectate....the hardest job of all.

usually used as a joke, people will laugh
Father: okay son, lets load this equipment into the truck
(half way through)
by PhatPJ March 25, 2009
Taking a bathroom break while on the job and getting paid for it.
Uh Oh! tacos are hitting me. Time for a Union Break.
by DoubledOver726 April 29, 2011