A person who seems mythically beautiful and unattainable.
I'd had a crush since I was 13; she was my unicorn.
by S.I. Cake June 08, 2005
A horse with an ice-cream cone on its head
"hey is that a unicorn??"
"Nah mate, its just a cone on a horse"
by melbournesux March 03, 2014
A virgin.
"I was a unicorn in high school. I didn't lose my horn until I met your father."
by Pear's Megzo January 11, 2014
As rare a real unicorn is. This fascinating sexual experience is when a female giving you fellatio starts to migrate south to your butthole. As she tosses your salad she begins to jerk your member. At this specific moment, she resembles a unicorn polishing her horn (your penis). Yes, it is as magnificent, rare, and pleasurable as it sounds. I would recommend that if any of my fellow alpha males find a women that expresses her love of the unicorn that you wife her IMMEDIATELY. Enjoy!
While the fugazi started to give me head, she went down, started eating my ass and jerking me off and the same damn time. I unicorned that bitch bro!

Female: Hey baby! Make me into a unicorn!
by Tugey November 24, 2013
A creature that poops rainbows, barfs glitter, bleeds happiness, can take you on a magical adventure, and has meat that tastes like sprinkles.
My pet Unicorn loves to party!
by SuperCat113 October 05, 2011
i) A mythological creature, that looks like a horse, but they have a helical horn, also referred to as an alicorn, at the center of their head. They are considered fabulous creatures that poop out rainbows and give birth to pretty butterflies.

Their relatives include:

- Horses

- White Rhinoceroses

- Narwhals (this relation, however is extremely distant).

ii) The word that combines the two words "uni" (which means one in Latin) and "corn" (and edible plant that tastes so damn good).

iii) A virgin, because virgins these days are just as rare as unicorns.

ii) Me: “Hey, Mom, can have a unicorn?”

Mom: “What?! Unicorns aren’t real!”

Me: “No Mom, I want one corn! Unicorn! GIVE ME CORN!”

iii) “That h** has been with so many guys, she’s far from being a unicorn!”
by BBCs June 03, 2014
1.) The last of the race, which believe that kissing or any express of romantic/sexual gestures should be kept for real love.

2.) Anyone that hasn't been kissed
R: Hey look! Ella and Leaha are unicorns! They're so cool
by ellaandleaha October 09, 2012

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