A woman who gives you sex so amazing you speak in tongues and forget what planet you live on. The average adult male will only come across 2 to 3 unicorns in his lifetime. It is highly suggested you grab the horn tight and don't let go!
Lauren fucked me so good last night I forgot how to speak English for 3 hours. She is most definitely a unicorn.
by DC42182 December 05, 2013
An acquaintance that you, yet not your friends, desire although you know little to nothing about him/her. The mythical and enigmatic reference pertains to your unfamiliarity with your person of desire and the reason for the attraction in the first place.
"I heard you went home with your unicorn last night!...yeah?"
by ISeeBoredPeople December 03, 2008
A strange and rare girl, rather mystical. A virgin girl in High School
Ohh man, she's a Unicorn, no way can I try that
by Eddie10 July 20, 2010
It's when you lay down flat on you back, face up, with a dildo suctioned to your forehead, and your partner squats down over your head, and inserts the dildo into one of their orafaces, then bounces up and down over you while singing The Irish Rovers, The Unicorn Song.
I was unicorned last night
by Yankee Cranker February 06, 2015
Sooo fluffy and cute,it gets all of your problems away, you can throw its poop at other people (only if you have some & people don't get mad if you throw it at them)
It has a horn and it poops rainbows. And farts them. It's all rainbows & cute stuff around them. You wanna cuddle it & take it home.
teacher: you have to write an essay in pair on some rare animal of your choice.
me&my bff: *looks at each other* MHM you thinking what Im thinking?? Well write about..... UNICORNSS!!!! *-*
by pizzaqueens January 16, 2015
A virgin.
"I was a unicorn in high school. I didn't lose my horn until I met your father."
by Pear's Megzo January 11, 2014
A creature that poops rainbows, barfs glitter, bleeds happiness, can take you on a magical adventure, and has meat that tastes like sprinkles.
My pet Unicorn loves to party!
by SuperCat113 October 05, 2011

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