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Colloquial; Synonym for hot bi babe or HBB, often derogatory, condescending, or ironic. A bisexual person, usually though not always female, who is willing to join an existing couple, often with the presumption that this person will date and become sexually involved with both members of that couple, and not demand anything or do anything which might cause problems or inconvenience to that couple.

The term is often used to be dismissive of a couple seen to be only superficially polyamorous. Because of the demands that this type of couple places on the woman (that she be single and not take on any additional partners, and become involved with both members of the couple equally, and often "complete" their family as a surrogate mother and housekeeper and/or breadwinner and not do anything that may threaten or disrupt the existing couple), many in the poly community call this type of woman a "unicorn", as in mythical and not likely to be found, even though there are plenty of bipoly women around.

Sometimes the unicorn is expected to not develop any emotional attachment and is strictly there for a sexual relationship (equally distributed to both members of the dyad) and/or is prescripted as a secondary. This term is used as a reminder that bipoly women are people with their own desires, needs, and pre-existing lives, and not fantasy figures or pets. See related prescriptive vs. descriptive.
John wants a single, attractive woman who will love and have sex equally with him and his wife, but not interfere with their marriage, move in together, help raise their kids but not have any of her own, and not have any other partners. He's looking for something that doesn't exist - he's looking for a unicorn!
by Joreth April 08, 2010
Word used to refer to rhinoceros a couple houndred years ago.
Today it is the name for horse with horn on its forehead.
The return of the unicorns: the natural history and conservation of the greater one-horned rhinoceros
by spoilded brat with teeth October 25, 2012
The first guy or girl you ever loved, the one that still pops into your head from time to time

Also known as "the one that got away"

That person you call crying when you're drunk because you "miss them so much"
"Is it bad that I just stalked through every single one of my unicorn's pictures on facebook?"

*Makes something to eat* "My unicorn used to eat..."
by Annersia October 25, 2012
someone who has not endured vaginal, or anal sex. They are hard to find but are still some out there.
lyndsay do you think that broghan is a unicorn?

No Michael she had rectum sex last month with Cameron no way is she a unicorn
by missunicorn2k12 March 23, 2012
a style of flicking someone off by holding you middle finger up near your head to look like a unicorn

-mostly used while riding a bike
That boy who lives down the block rode by my house on his bike and gave me the unicorn.
by urworsthacker01 December 30, 2011
(v) to headbut the bottom of a beer bottle while someone is drinking and drive the bottle into their teeth.
We used to think that it was funny to unicorn each other at parties until we chipped a friend's tooth.


Last Thanksgiving, my aunt accidentally unicorned my beer bottle and made my gums bleed.
by The Diego Cortes November 28, 2011
an extremely attractive person that you've heard stories about and seen pictures and movies of but have never seen them in person. (just like the mythical creature the unicorn)
yeah bro i've never seen her before. Shes a total unicorn
by kimurablair November 02, 2010
Someone who tells crazy stories about when they were drunk or partying, but nobody actually sees them partying ever.

A kid who tries to make himself look like a god by telling crazy stories that are complete bullshit.

Someone who talks themselves up to fuck mad bitches, but nobody sees them hook up with anyone.
Unicorn- dude when I was with my boys, their so crazy, we got arrested for pissing on some guys porch, we were so drunk, i remember everything. I hooked up with an Asian chick, i was wasted.

You- this kid is so full of shit, hes a fucking unicorn
by Dillallo95 March 29, 2010

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