Because Common Sence is no longer common, this is the new and correct phrase for "Common Sense". See: dumbass, moron
"Man, that was stupid! This guy's got uncommon sense."
by Keaton Prower January 23, 2004
Top Definition
As previously noted, the traditional entity known as "common sense" is conspicuously absent of our current society. Therefore, what is generally thought of as "common sense" shall now be known as "uncommon sense".

However, the alternative definition for "uncommon sense" listed on this site is absolutely stupid; the natural implication of "common sense" is the sensibility (or intelligence) of the masses. To state "uncommon sense" within his syntactical framework would imply an individual with sensibility beyond that of a normal person, yet he clearly states that a stupid person possesses said uncommon sense. This is pure illogic.
Look, you can either have some uncommon sense or overdose on PCP and sacrifice your friend in a blood ritual.
by CSimplify May 29, 2011
The ACTUAL, true-to-life word for the phrase "common sense", based on the fact it is nowhere near as common as its name makes it seem.
I don't understand why you would do such a thing. Don't you have any uncommon sense??
by One1ove June 09, 2011
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