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A strong good looking guy who gets all the girls, and although he doesn't play a lot of sports he is respectful and should always be given a chance at dates
1. Ulises is soooo sexy
2. Ulises and Valerie make such a cute couple
by mrrespect December 31, 2011
a guy who is respectful to people who respect him. A fun guy to be around, knows how to mess around but does not know how to get the ladies. They always get misjudged. Ulises is a sophisticated guy.
1: OMG, did you see that person?
2: yeahh, he is totally a ulises.
by lameeeoooooo July 05, 2011
A guy who really is straight to earth, respects who respects him, very emotional but caring for others, knows how to handle things but lost at times. Very sweet guy
She looks happy with Ulises
by Sharkyyyyy121 February 03, 2014
A man who loves collecting his dingle-berries for pocket snacking. But watch out, he'll try to collect yours too, but not before ramming you in the tail-pipe.
"Yo bro, keep clenched, I hear that guy is an Ulises"
by uuu987654321 April 20, 2013
It is derived from the greek name Ulysses, the protagonist in Homer's Oddessy, when he was wounded in the thigh. Now days this name refers to any man having intense personality disorders especially when it comes to addictions. If you ever come across a Ulises be sure to hide your stash.
"One day i will grow up to be big and strong like Ulises"
by greatsexwithcowboys September 29, 2009
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