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The process of allowing your dick to get hard and gripping it at the base and squeezing as tight as possible in order to push blood to your penis, hence increasing your overall girth. Usually, this is done repeated 4 to 5 times and done once every 2 days.
" I don't care what you say, nobody's dick gets bigger overnight! You must have been doing that Ulis shit in order to make it bigger!"
by Rodman101 February 06, 2009
Blood Elf Mage in World of Warcraft. On the Server Wildhammer and in the guild Argonauts. 375 engineer and 375 miner.
Uli crits so hard!
by Deadmager August 28, 2008
A reaction every male person gets when they see another male get kicked/hit in the crotch or fall down from a bike with his legs on both sides of the bike's hull. No female can understand nor can they have this reaction.
A man falls down from a fence so that the fence hits him in the crotch. Every male spectator feels compassion, uli, for the man on the fence.
by SikaJussi May 03, 2004