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a young man of about the age of 18 that has sex with women while they are menstruating and leaves behind a sort of crime scene because of the blood trail left on the bed or the backseat of someones vehicle
person 1:oh man look whats with all the blood in here
person 2: i bet there was a uly here
(Yoo - lee) A 50 dollar bill. Referring to Ulysses Grant,who is on the bill
"Yo, how much did you tip the bartender?"
"I threw her a Uly"
by Steve Jordan June 19, 2007
Is a extremly loveable human being. And loves to have fun. Uly is the type of person to make any women feel safe and happy. You just give him a chance and he will make your whole world spin.
Uly is the good in the world all rolled into one.
by idkwattoput March 12, 2009
a very very very very very very hot ass guy
that uly is one hot ass
by Digiman January 03, 2004
1) Filipino, black hair, brown eyes
2) Very sweet. and funny, talented with a camera... *wink wink*
3) Janelle - "so hot, gawd damn hes fine"
by p0gipn0i October 19, 2003
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