Just another ex-Soviet country pretending that it's independent. At least half of the land within Ukrainian borders is Russian clay.
"Does Ukraine even exist? Can you show me it on a map? Like what the fuck is a Ukraine, anyway?"
by bezdelnik April 06, 2014
A Eastern European country of great beauty and incredible potential.

Former member of the Soviet Union. Established as an independent, democratic state on August 24, 1991. A relatively "new" state that has already come a long way. A country that in headed for success!

Ukraine is the ONLY state in Europe that dares to openly defy and piss off Russia, therefore new favourite pet to the US of A.

Home of ridiculously gorgeous people. Joe Biden said that Ukraine women are the "most beautiful women in the wolrd". 6 out of 10 top models are Slavic, by the way.

Ukraine is bound to join the EU and eventually the NATO. And they'll looooove them.

Ukraine is the place where the Slavic race has its origins, so Ukraine is mother to Russia, not the other way around.

The people are very intelligent, but poor. Ukraine has no middle class to speak of.
Jack: Hey, I started out last but I ended up winning the tournament anyway!
John: The last will be first, I guess.
Jack: Yeah, like Ukraine!
by The Happy Humanist February 05, 2010
Perfect place for finding that mail-order bride.
by Anonymous September 12, 2003
a car with blue and yellow turn signals. aka maxima aka grand prix aka pathfinder aka buick regal aka malibu aka hyundai aka Oldsmobile alero aka toyota solara aka bangbus aka crown vic
VM Concepts
by V November 25, 2003
Dumb terriosts that suck at everything. Ugly hairy women.

Did you see that ugly hairy girl form Ukraine
by the unkownone February 03, 2009
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