Best place to be ever! It's where I come from, it's where I wanna come back and it's where I've had the best times of my life. There are beautiful mountains (Colorado sucks pretty bad in somparison), cool people (me n my buddies - just kidding), yummy ice-cream and the best local music scene ever (Lviv rocks like anything else!). Come to Ukraine and you'll love it there n plz don't confuse Ukraine with Russia, we're totally different
Ukraine - ja tebe liubliu!
by Nue she May 16, 2006
Ukraine most often erroneously called "The" Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe. Ukraine is not Russia & Russia is not Ukraine.

It is where People are proud educated cultured & the Women are beautiful. The people may seem serious but when you get to know them you realize they are warm & love to share laughter tears vodka & pickles w/ friends & loved ones & if you are lucky enough to be let into their hearts w/you too. At the 1st sign of spring we love to celebrate & welcome the warmth w/ friends outdoors w/ a bottle & some nibbles.

Ukraine is where we leave our shoes & outside filth at the door. Our mouths (words) may be dirty but our floors are clean! We have the greatest food: Potato & cheese Pierogie Sweet Vareniki Borsch Blini the best yogurt & kefir & some people even love salo :-p)! It is where a bowl of Great Borsch & a hunk of bread can make you feel like royalty! You can find the best vodkas there.

We love our Babushkas & other people's Babushkas too. When we see an old woman we think in our heads "Aw Babushka".

You'd be surprised how beautiful our homes are inside if you judge our homes by the outside. We paint our trees white on the bottom & We park anywhere even on the sidewalk!

Ukraine is beautiful just like her Women. My Ukraina! I left my heart there & I will forever ache until I see feel smell & hold her again.
I left my heart there.... but I wouldn't drive in Ukraine!

I have generations of dead relatives that I have never met in Ukraine. I am so grateful for you all & I thank you! You passed down traditions that made me who I am today!
by mamachka October 31, 2011
The greatest country in the world with the best sports, fighters, and vodka. Don't you dare confuse us with russians. Began as Kyivska Rus. Those fuckin russians stole our name.]
Home of the Cossaks and the great people.
I was born in the greatest country in the world, Ukraine!
by Vasyl March 30, 2008
The best country ever. Filled with the best people ever too. If you say that Ukraine is bad that just means you're a wannabe.
And yes I have Ukrainian blood flowing through my veins just like any other person from the Ukraine.
by Shalom. August 03, 2007
A cool country. Has the best fighters in Boxing Wrestling and UFC.
The coolest place in the world. There woman are HOTT and SEXY. I love these peole.
Way cooler the russians. Dont confuse them with russians cause they are compleatly different.
Ukraine is hella tight, ive been there.
by American pimp March 15, 2007
The birth place of perogies and head cheese.
Lets go to the Ukraine to get some perogies and head cheese.
by Me March 05, 2003
Ukraine, a beautiful country near Russia. Filled with smart, attractive Orthodox/ Catholic personals. They love to sing, dance, eat and can pretty much do everything they want to do perfectly. Most are proud of their Ukrainian heritage, even in the United States and Canada. Although some pretend to be Russian, even when they aren't.
"Are you Russian? You have an accent...."
"NO- I'm Ukrainian! I'm from UKRAINE"
"Is that in Africa?"
by PresumablyUkrainian88 October 16, 2011

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