A superhero that is part leaf, part man. Is one half of the duo Blugle.
Save me Ugle the Leafman!
by Lukeosaurus April 24, 2008
Top Definition
To take a shit.
To "ugle" is to take a dump; to be "ugling" is the action of taking that dumb. An ugle can also be a noun signifying the poop itself. If you need to take a shit, then you are feeling ugly (uglish is the incorrect terminology)
Judge: I sentence you to 20 years in prison.
Defendant: For what?!
Judge: Sky dropping ugles on the people of this fine city from your plane.
Defendant: I was feeling ugly and the toilet was occupied, I'm sorry.
by defusious February 11, 2009
To compensate for an amorous or provocative glance in the presence of a significant other by overtly staring at a less than attractive person. To offset ogling.
My girlfriend caught me checking out this hot chick, so I made sure to ugle the next cow I saw on the street. She thinks I am into fashion now.
by dogCatcherNow May 13, 2008
A funny sounding noun that means ugly.
"Isn't Janvier an ugle?"
by General_Truffles March 10, 2003
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