pronounce like "luge" minus the "l".

n. Stands for "unexpected gay experience"
Me and Perry were sitting next to each other at dinner and both grabbed the salt shaker at the same time and we ended up holding hands... we quickly realized we had an UGE and pulled our hands back
by MochaUGA06 September 15, 2008
Top Definition
Almost identical to Huge but lacking the H. Is generally considered even bigger than huge.
-"Yeah, the Chrysler Building is huge, but Sears Tower is just UGE!"

-Donald Trump: "Omarosa has a UGE chip on her shoulder."
by GilliamsBrazil September 19, 2007
short for usual. see the uge
person 1: whats up c money magik?
c money: eh, just the uge
by staff August 30, 2004
The act of being huger than huge.
Tonight I'm going out uge. Not huge, but uge.
by Freeloader31 November 06, 2009
Getting high, stoned, blitzed, faded, crossed, split, super duper high
Bro 1: Yo bro, where are Chet and Jet at?

Bro 2: Man I'm pretty sure their Uge'd as fuck, chillin' upstairs playing some Mario Kart.

Bro 2 says to Bro 1: Sooo, should we uge?
by UgedOne February 28, 2013
sameness, normal activity
AFC 1 - Hey man whats up? What have you been up too?
AFC 2 - Nothing much. You know, workin n shit, the uge.
by manquail January 09, 2010
Short slang term for "the usual" *also spelling is very similar to the common Olympic sport Luge, which is how Uge is pernounced*
"Jacqueline, what did you do last night?"
"Oh, just the Uge"
"So, you played the sims until 3am again?!"
by Yissmtiabkrahs May 09, 2014
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