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Acronym for Unexpected (or Unintentional) Farting Throughout Intercourse. Used as an interjection, generally interchangeably with "fuck!", but while "fuck!" can be used in any situation from a mild annoyance to a life-shattering catastrophe, the grim image of letting a stream of stinkbombs loose whilst banging the girl of your dreams should be reserved for the latter.
"Great, of course I have a heart attack when I'm hours from the nearest hospital. UFTI!"

"My nose! Now I'll never be a teen model! UFTI!!!"
by seemo March 14, 2007
6 6
Chaldean word for some one thats a joke that always gets made fun of and no one likes a loser
Haha that guy just bought a new vw beetle watta ufti
by MoOsHh May 06, 2008
26 3