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3 definitions by seemo

When your feces is so watered-down that excreting it is similar to urinating out your anus. Generally the result of food poisoning, stomach flu, or using way too much lube for anal.
"After eating the nasty Vietnamese food, she was buttpeeing for days."
by seemo March 19, 2007
Acronym for Unexpected (or Unintentional) Farting Throughout Intercourse. Used as an interjection, generally interchangeably with "fuck!", but while "fuck!" can be used in any situation from a mild annoyance to a life-shattering catastrophe, the grim image of letting a stream of stinkbombs loose whilst banging the girl of your dreams should be reserved for the latter.
"Great, of course I have a heart attack when I'm hours from the nearest hospital. UFTI!"

"My nose! Now I'll never be a teen model! UFTI!!!"
by seemo March 14, 2007
What people in the restaurant business call the restaurant business. Probably to make the fact that they are working long hours in hellish conditions for little recognition or pay seem somehow cool.
"Dude, all those people out there don't know what they're missing! This is The Life!"

"Seriously, yo! Now we get to chop up celery for two hours!"
by seemo March 15, 2007