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Uder(you-there?), asking if someone is there, slang
person 1: brb dinner
Person one has been idle for 40 minutes
person 2: Hey dude? Uder?
by ܶLÖÅDéR January 17, 2009
When someone is so addicted to Urbandictionary.com, they randomly start typing in words to read there definiton.
an Ex. of a UDer:

Billy: Dude, please stop searching words, for the love of god!

George: No way Dude!! This is so Fun! 8D8D
by gold ftw May 16, 2009
As in uder. Pronounced "you-dee-er". Someone who involves themselves with ud in some way ie.uploading words, browsing words etc..
wow, he's uploaded like 200 words.. uder..
by coinroller August 24, 2007