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Raging ghetto black female with powerful force .
Ex . I will go sharkiesha on you if you touch me .
by No_Love_For_Thots November 28, 2013
Sharkiesha-(V.)1.When a woman beats another woman as if she were a child under the age of 5. Getting the sharkiesha is not a regular beatdown, but a beating where the victim is so physically or mentally incapable of fighting back they go down like a little bitch.
That bitch gave ol' girl the sharkiesha! Now she o'er there cryin'!
by PinnaclePrime November 27, 2013
To shit talk a bitch and get knocked the fuck out
Person 1: Yo dawg, u hear about shaniqwa?

Person 2: Yeah mahn, she shit talked Sharkiesha real good and got knocked the fuck out
by Rheal Niqqa November 27, 2013
a person who will punch the soul out of you
sharkiesha: (punch,kick)

shanikua: ...................................
by dqfdyqidgusgdkus December 04, 2013
Sharkiesha is a fictional character who is bad ass as fuck. A dumb ass bitch got on her nerves and she hit her smack on her ratchet face.
Sharkiesha: *gets pissed the hell off*
Dumb bitch: *gets on Sharkieshas nerves*
Random bitch: "Sharkiesha NOOO"

sharkiesha: hits that dumb bitch.
by Ghetto_Unicorn_yasss February 09, 2015

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