University of Virginia

A school chock full of slamming hot women straight out of the dirty dirty south and is always in a state of crunk.

A school whose graduates instantly proceed to hustle 6-7 figure incomes and vast amounts of bodaciously juicy booty.
Hey look at those two dickless Virginia Tech guys trying to score at UVa and failing miserably. They must have been rejected for being utterly retarded and completely unwashed -- ass babies produced from unfortunate and abominable liaisons between incestuous gay rednecks.
by deez nutz in yo mouf August 24, 2004
Cant be defined, more described... In case
someone at UVA hasn't already made it clear to you, they are better than you for no other reason than the fact that they go to UVA. Its a sad day when a person has to see a good friend go off to this ego boosting pit of crap cuz you know they are going to come back a pompous ass hole. If you're really lucky they will join a fraternity, which not only makes them even more better than you, it also puts them above the GDI's at UVA. Come on, when is the last time UVA had a good football team. For as long as I can remember they are going to be "good" this year, yep this is definitely the year...
Hey, I go to UVA. Oh yea did you know I am better than you cuz you dont go there. You are inferior to me cuz i go to UVA. Who would win in a fight, UVA or God?
Trick question UVA is God, duh.
Straight up, UVA sucks.
by why do you care May 06, 2005
Useless, vacuous, ass-munch
The guy in the shirt and tie at the football game must be a UVA fan, you can tell because his nose tilts higher than everyone else around him.
by Kickin' Ass Since '84 October 13, 2004
A public school, enough said. Where wannabe elites go that cant get into a true institution. far to hard to get into for a public school. A haven for fake preps and people who believe that they are better than just because they go to UVA. For a true education go to a private school, they dont have to put up with affirmative action bullshit and they quality of education is better. I went to UVA for 2 years so im not a hater just because i couldnt get in.
If you think your classy and smart come to UVA, but any good private school will crap in your face.
by Old Southern Money August 21, 2006
UVA - Uppity Virgin Asylum (none of you are ever getting laid unless its by accident)

A school full of cookie-cut preps who are taught by teachers that somehow they'll all rule the world. The majority of white males there are issued clothes from Abercrombie and Fitch along with penis enlargers and a How-To book on fitting in, while all other races there try to emulate them. Fraternities consist of burnt out alcoholics trying to have sex with ugly girls, all the time touting their future as rich economists who will ultimately come to embrace the idea of suicide when they realize money can't buy friends and families. Most of all, as the other definition entries attest to, UVA students spend the rest of their lives trying to validate their pitiful snotty existences by downing the other well-known Virginia schools that actually have students with intelligence, personalities, and humility.
(Please note: Asian prep males at UVA are the most pathetic people on earth. Please let them know that expensive clothes and cars do NOT make you better in bed, nor do they increase penis size. You are JOKES.)
Just look around for the people with their noses in the air. No worries, they'll develop back problems later in life.
by SadButTrue March 24, 2005
The third best school in Virginia, behind Virginia Tech and The College of William and Mary. If your grandparents did not attend, and you are not of an ethnic minority chances are unless you give amazing head,or can pay for an admissions letter, chances are you will not get in. Thomas Jefferson didnt even attend you hell hole, and he really isnt your friend (NO MATTER WHAT FACEBOOK SAYS). When you down another school it proves how lame you are...don't be mad that your football team sucks. We love when you wear dresses and high heels because when your dumb drunk asses go falling down on grounds...we laugh our ASSES off. Oh and PS...your girls arent as cute as those Virginia Tech girls. The Lawnies...piss on each other and out of windows...and you call us Hillbillies? (And they are your honor students...cream of what crop?) I am sorry to offend you but lets be honest...Virginia Tech is the one and ONLY number one research university in the state of virginia...that means (if you can handle the math, and you cant pay a calculator) you are not that school. So excuse us while we go to our game and watch our team win in a sweatshirt and jeans...oh yeah and we are still hotter than you :)
Kid 1: Where do you go to school
Kid 2: I am the biggest fucking loser on the planet, I had to go to UVA or my dad said he would rape me, and take away my sweet polo collection

How many UVAers does it take to change a lightbulb?
One to hold the cell phone and the other to cry to daddy asking how to fix it.
by P A U L October 02, 2006
University of Virginia Avenue- Otherwise known as Indian River Community College because it's main campus resides on Virginia Avenue in Ft. Pierce, Florida
Jermoe: Yo man you go to UVA too
Darnel: Yea, only got shot at once
Jermoe: tight
by Rob December 28, 2003
Usually Violated Anally...and loving it
Pink popped collars, gay sweaters, and ties are examples of UVA guys
by browncm October 13, 2004
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