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Untranslated French. Escort/hooker code for fellatio without a condom.
"After a few minutes, she finished me off with UTF."
by H-Dog October 06, 2005
"Use the fucking search".
Used on forums where certain participants are too lazy to use the search function to find what they need and so they open a new, unnecessary, topic.

Question: "Hi guys, where can i find gay pron?"
Answer: "UTFS NOOB!"
by prodx February 10, 2004
Uncovered Throat Fuck
"She let me finish UTF with her head over the side of the bed."
by roadrabbit July 12, 2009
A skatepark located under I-90 in Spokane, Washington. Built in 1997 it has a 4-sided quarterpipe that is 7 and 10 ft. A very large pyramid with two hubbas, an flatbar, Curbs on both ends for mannys and flat ground, 2 cinder block ledges, 2 benches to grind, some barriers. Its all surounded by a wall that gets progressively higher, and makes a good gap/drop. It also is a main spot for the taggers, the whole park is covered in graffiti but some of it is pretty impressive art.
A sick place to skate,but definalty not for the family. On any given day you can/will see drug deals, bums, drinking, people smoking weed, fights, tweakers. Most of the locals attempt to look 'G' with 3x tall tees and new era hats. Its basically the main place to go downtown if your looking for some weed. I have seen stabbings, robberys and all kinds of other crazy shit there.
You could probably find enough blunt roaches to keep a small country high for a month.
The only place i know that you can by a dubsack of weed, and then flip it for like 50 60 bucks.
Its a hustlers heaven.
Dude 1 "Oh man im down to my last 10 sack"

Dude 2 " It's all good lets go to UTF you can sell it for 40 bucks and well get some more!"

Dude 1 "Lets go!"

Skater "I went to UTF and dopey was so drunk he passed out on the bench!"

Parent "I dont want to ever find out youve benn hanging at UTF!!"
by heavenisahalfpipe May 01, 2009
Use The Fucking SimpLite.
An expression used by 1337 h4x0r5.
*Started unencrypted conversation with Hacker1337*
You: UTFS, n00b.
Hacker1337: oh, sry
by _the_real_xakep_ May 25, 2010
Ugly Tear Face.

The face people make when they try not to cry because they look ugly when they cry and end up looking worse when they try not to.
Boy:I think we should see other people
Girl*trying not to cry*ok
Boy:*to himself* man thats one utf
by HeartBraker June 14, 2011
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