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6 definitions by kcitsleipztirf

Kanye West appeared on a telethon with Mike Myers to raise money for Katrina Relief. After Mike Myers explained that New Orleans was covered with 25 feet of water and was perhaps permanently damaged, West responded off-script with "George Bush does not care about black people."
Helpless people were left stranded by FEMA in the Superdome after Katrina because George Bush does not care about black people.

In his defense, George Bush doesnt really care about white people either...
by kcitsleipztirf August 26, 2009
University of Successive Championships
If USC were a country, it would have more olympic medals than the Netherlands. People from other schools are just jealous that their schools simply cant compete with USC in terms of anything athletic
by kcitsleipztirf April 19, 2009
The incredibly stupid things you say when you are overly tired.
At around 1 am, Stephanie started telling knock-knock jokes and giggling. Mark told her she was talking yawnsense.
by kcitsleipztirf November 04, 2010
is the greatest gf in the history of mankind. she is perrty and hawt and nyce.
maddiekins is my special lady friend
by kcitsleipztirf March 21, 2009
the place where all the strugs live
loyola high school is adjacent to the strug's ghetto
by kcitsleipztirf March 21, 2009
U cocksuckers lost again
After being insulted by the UCLA football fan, the USC student responded "You're just mad becase U Cocksuckers Lost Again!"
by kcitsleipztirf April 15, 2009