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(1) The University of Southern California (not to be confused with the University of South Carolina & the University of Southern Colorado.

(2)Truly one of top notch or GREATEST private universities in the world.
My family went to USC & are now very sucessful alumni.
by bigg3469 March 21, 2009
95 50
Alma mater of Paige Laurie, a spoiled sorority brat who tried to buy her diploma at U$C, but still couldn't escape the long arm of the law!
Ms Laurie, whose late grandfather Bud Walton was the co-founder of Wal-Mart, graduated from USC with a bachelor’s degree in communications.

Her alleged fraud began one night during her first term in 2000, when she paid Ms Martinez $25 to write an essay for her while she spent the evening at a party.
by Justice for USC April 21, 2005
527 404
University of South Carolina
Located in Columbia, South Carolina
by Ashlenian February 27, 2005
372 252
United States Code

The laws of the federal government established by Congress.
26 USC is the federal income tax code, or the Internal Revenue Code (IRC)
by Jon Davis January 14, 2004
242 122
University of Southwick at Cotter Homes Ghetto degree of hustling in Louisville, Ky
Wasup pimp, get your degree at USC?
by bling December 15, 2003
493 374
1. U.inversity of

2. perhaps the most overated football team of all time, that escaped being destroyed by LSU (the real 2003 NATIONAL CHAMPS, greatest school for parties, academics and sports) in 2003 and escaped being beat by Auburn (school of douches) in 2004

3. school of generally consisting of whores and skanks that feed off of their parents money

4. an all round shithole located in L.A.
USC is know throughout the land for sucking cock and being the WORLD'S BIGGEST DOUCHES.
by USC BLOWS ASS August 08, 2005
512 394
University of Second Choice
Self explanatory unless you are from USC.
by UCLA January 19, 2005
422 304
Every year, the London Times ranks the best colleges in the world. In the most recent edition of the Times Higher Education Supplement, UCLA was ranked number 26 in the world. Cal was ranked number 2 in the world. Stanford was ranked number 7. Where do you think USC was ranked in the world?

USC was ranked number 180 in the world by the London Times! I guess your entrance requirements aren't helping you much.

US News had UCLA ranked at number 25, Cal ranked at number 21, and USC ranked at number 30 for this year. That's because they consider the amount of money alumni give to each school. Of course private schools like USC will have inflated rankings in the US News guide. And even with that, UCLA is ranked higher in the US News list.

Let's see here...UCLA-26, USC-180...USC better in academics? Please!

It's a known fact that UCLA looks at more than just your scores when selecting students. Ask anybody who's been turned down by the school. You need extracurricular activities as well as high gpa and SAT scores.

And to the moron who talked about not paying $30,000 a year, if you are getting that money in loans, you will be paying it sooner or later. Maybe they didn't teach you that in South Central. I hope the Trojan alumni give you a nice job.
Do you see the London Times college rankings? UCLA was ranked 26 and USC was ranked 180. I thought USC was a good school. Oh well.
by Trojankiller December 22, 2004
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