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The absolute worst airline in the U.S. to fly, known for bad customer service and routinely fininsh in the bottom of US carriers for quality. They rank as the single-worst airline for on-time departures, baggage, customer service issues and friendliness of employees.

The current US Airways is called "The New US Airways" after it was purchased by classier America West Airlines. The merger moved its corporate headquarters from northern Virginia to Tempe, AZ. US airways has the worst record for on-time departures because its hubs cities are known for constant delays: Phoenix, Las Vegas, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Washington National, Boston and New York-La Guardia.
US Airways is the nations' 7th largest airline.
by krock1dk December 02, 2007
To screw company employees by cutting pay to poverty levels and blaming employees for incompetent management.
We got USAirways'ed today. Some kneejerk bankruptcy judge cut our pay 21%.
by Bruce Lakefield March 06, 2005
(US) An airline that merged with America West (HP) in 2005. Based in Tempe, AZ. Has hubs in Charlotte, NC, Pittsburgh, PA, Philidalphia, PA, New York City, NY, Washington, D.C. Las Vegas, NV, Pheonix, AZ.
I flew US Airways to Charlotte today.
by RokinRyan September 07, 2006
The worst airline ever. They have a horrible website, the worst customer service, and can never seem to leave on time. Why not fly on United instead?
Man! I got robbed again on US Airways!
by pacomytaco24 January 04, 2007
Seen by my father many years ago in a bathroom airport while he was working for USAirways:
I came here to shit and stink,
But all I did was sit and think.
I sat and sat but to my despair,
All I got was USair.
A group of people who have their heads up their asses and give out cheesewheels for a Christmas bonus: the executives of USairways
by Disgruntled pilot's daughter March 05, 2008
Also known as Useless Airways.
Person 1: I'm going from London to Newark
Person 2: Your flight is definitely going to leave late
Person 1: Yea, I've already gotten diverted Washington D.C.
Person 2: That's why it Useless Airways (cough... cough) oh, I mean US Airways
by hoffhouse6 November 13, 2010
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