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A college in Asheville, NC filled with (mainly) very open minded liberals that like art and music, and are usually very intelligent. UNCA admires many background and cultures, and would like to see more diversity at the school itself. UNCA mascot is a bulldog named Rocky, and the school's main facors are education licensure, psychology major, and the sciences. A GREAT SCHOOL!
"Wow, she is really intelligent and open minded. Look at all those bumber stickers on the back of her car. She has to be from UNCA."
by theUNCApsychologist March 18, 2009
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is most known for being the leader of the mohegan native americans

There is also a town in Connecticut called Uncasville, home of Mohegan Sun Casino and Resort
I had to do a history report on Uncas, it was very interesting
by atung9801 February 19, 2011
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