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Urban Dictionary Tee:-Shirt
Hey you should've seen the look on everyone's face when I displayed the front of my UDT,(Priceless).
by Jaye_$upreme August 12, 2016
Udts: Texting slang for Urban Dictionary that Shit
Hey dude whats a chode
*texts back*
Dude you gotta Udts
by DER ZAUBERFLAUTEE January 05, 2012
Acronym: Urban Dictionary Thumbers

An individual acting alone, or part of an organized group, for the purpose of manipulating the UD thumb rating system. This is often done to political or other controversial definitions.
I hate that stinker Obama, so I joined the anti-Obama UDT group.
by tallcoolone August 12, 2009
Acronym for: Urban Dictionary Time

One is in the UDT (urban dictionary time zone) when one is urban dictionarying. This time zone is different than any other because it is measured not by WHERE you are on the globe, but by WHAT you are doing. For every 5 minutes in UDT, 15 minutes have passed in whatever zime zone you were in before entering the UDT. Because of the UDT phenomena two people can be sitting next to eachother and be in different zime zones.
Use this formula so you are not late for work or other appointments: X min (UDT) x 3 = Normal Time

If it is 5:30 when you enter the UDT and you are in for 10 minutes, you will return to your normal time zone at 6:00.

Girlfriend to boyfriend, "Stop urban dictionarying and hang out with me!"

Boyfriend to girlfriend, "Chill, woman! I've only been urban dictionarying for 15 minutes."

Can you use the formula to find out how many real time minutes he was urban dictionarying?
by kelitarosita December 07, 2010
User Defined Type. In programming, a compound type not provided by the compiler or runtime.
// Foo is a UDT
class Foo
by swiftcoder February 14, 2010
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