VERB; Meaning to utter, speak or proclaim; speak using Urban Dictionary as source.
Did you Ud'r a word? Yes I did and if you want to spell check it boss, please go to Urban Dictionary;)
by RealWhirled October 21, 2010
Urban Dictionary Rage. A sudden storm of anger that compells you to write scathing definitions on Urban Dictionary for things you don't like.
Search just about well known person/thing and you will find several examples of UDR.
by rawr_erin October 25, 2009

Somewhat sketchy software that resets the time period of a demo for software. Questionable Legality.
That n00b totallz didnt know that he waz suppozed 2 use teh UDR 2 hack teh softwarez torrent.
by yopogs August 24, 2009
adj. Stands for Undead Rogue. Used to describe the kind of people you know will be douches, regardless of outside factors. Esp. in MMORPGs with PVP, they will gank regardless of level, skill, or situation.
When you die, you have to log back on, and people are ganking like an UDR
by Surye March 02, 2005
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