University of California at San Diego is located in Torrey Pines a part of La Jolla, CA. A beautiful, yet listless/dead/lame campus with self described smart people that are afraid of socializing outside a labratory.

Houses a single gender of Tritons, see smart people that do not venture more than 4 miles from campus. Students are not known to have any social skills and the College Board and the US Congress is questioning whether to allow UCSD to use the term College or University due to lack of Sports, Parties, Fraternities and exposure to true diversity.

UCSD students are absolutely afraid of a typical college student, see sdsu and usd and they are known to self destruct when mixed with alcohol and large parties see wet my pants. Most students go home every weekend to mow their parent's lawn and program the VCR while hoping the girl/boy from the 8th grade that laughed at them has changed their mind.

The typical UCSD student cannot relate to 95% of the US population; A culture that that enjoys, music, friends, football and diversity. A typical UCSD student has at one time used lab equipment as sex-toy see inverted test tube and oftens dream that oh-so-sexy labratory equipment could pass for a boyfriend.

Approximately 7% of UCSD girl students venture to a real diverse college see sdsu and enjoy drinking small quantities of alcohol and having semi-conscious sex with multiple partners. Of these 50% of the girls continue to have multiple sexual partners from sdsu and are known as simply, 'that crazy stanky ho from UCSD that cannot get enough'.

Approximately 97% of UCSD male students are virgins and spend greater than 50% of their monthly discretionary cash on hookers in Tijuana. Approximately 99% of UCSD men will marry the first american women they sleep with that is not a paid sexual participant.

Of the group of people think that UCSD is a good social environment, they were most likely not accepted at UCLA, UC Berkley, The Ivy leagues and SDSU.

Most Popular Courses at UCSD

How to tell if a girl is hot
How to respond when a girl rubs your nuts
How to drink more than 2 beers
Why College Football is fun
How to crash partis at SDSU and get in
Why College is supposed to be fun

Large Real Estate Devlopers are petitioning the government to convert UCSD into a catholic high school and an extesnion of SDSU, so at least some sex and partying would be happening in La Jolla.
That kid is from UCSD and just had his second beer, just leave him by the curb!

Her boyfriend from UCSD showed up and started staring at my nuts, we clocked his ass and left him near Monty Montezuma

I learned a lot at college at UCSD, but my boss went to SDSU

My parents decided it would be better I go somehwere besides UCSD, They say the Triton Eye will make sure I end up with an ugly women

Darling, if the guys at your college (UCSD) are all dweebs and possibly gay, you should take the trolley to state and find a nice all american guy that will be fun when you bring him home--and cute!!
by sdsujimmy August 08, 2006
Top Definition
A school with no football team, but exercises that pride with the following t-shirt, i.e.
UCSD Triton Football: Still Undefeated!
by DoctorGrey September 25, 2004
University of California, San Diego. A top-tier public institution in La Jolla, California. Academic strengths include the sciences, engineering, economics, and political science. Second in the UC system only to UC Berkeley. Wastes no money on bloated sports system unlike UCLA.
I wish i had gone to UCSD because UCLA sucks at everything but football.
by Unhappy Bruin September 30, 2005
One of the University of California's 10 campuses, UCSD is located in the Northern end of San Diego in the affluent community of La Jolla. UCSD's mascot is the Triton and the athletics program offers 23 Varsity Sports. The 20,000+ undergraduate population are seperated into a unique 6 college system. Each college features its own administration, general education requirements, campus location, and housing spaces. UCSD has consistently received the 2nd most applications (close to 50,000) for any premier U.S. higher education institution (second only to UCLA). US News considers it among "the top tier of the UC system" along side UC Berkeley and UCLA. It's 30th placement in US News' highly regarded "Top 50 National Universities" is extremelely unique because UCSD is the youngest insitution among the group.

UCSD was named the “hottest” institution in the nation for students to study science by Newsweek and the 2006 Kaplan/Newsweek College Guide. Overlap schools among admits include UCLA, UC Berkeley, Cal Poly, and Stanford.

UCSD ranks 6th in the nation in National Academy of Sciences membership.
(The top ten, in rank order,
are: Harvard, UC Berkeley, Stanford, MIT, Yale, UCSD, CalTech, Princeton, Cornell, Chicago.)

U.S. News and World Report ranks UCSD 32 nd among the nation’s top 50 universities.

UCSD was ranked the 6th best university in the nation by the Washington Monthly’s 2005 College Guide, based on the positive impact the university has had on the country.

The Journal for Foreign Policy ranked UCSD 9th in the nation for international relations studies and 10th for international public policy studies.

The National Research Council ranks UCSD 10th in the nation in the quality of its faculty and graduate programs. (The top ten, in rank order, are: UC Berkeley, MIT, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, CalTech, Yale, Chicago, Cornell, UCSD). The NRC ranks oceanography and neurosciences 1st in the nation.

Kiplinger's Personal Finance ranks UCSD 11th nationally for "First-Class Education at Bargain Prices". UCSD outranks UC Berkeley and UCLA in this ranking of the top 100 values in public colleges. The Princeton Review 2007 edition of America’s Best Value Colleges also lists UCSD among 150 “best values.

The 2005 Academic Rankings of World Universities conducted by Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China ranked UCSD 13th internationally.

UCSD has established itself very well within its young age of under 50 years.
UCSD is pretty chill.
by RahRahRahRah August 16, 2006
Good school in beautiful La Jolla. Doing well at UCSD is easy because La Jolla is NOT a party town. People who think they are smart, Asians, and prematurely balding men are found in abundance at UCSD. There is a serious shortage of naturally beautiful girls, and even less guys with game. Students looking to have fun turn to liquor,ganja, or other drugs, which are generally easy to come by. Looking to get laid- Mexico is only a short drive away. Whatever UCSD lacks in the social scene they attempt to make up in free concert points; where three times a year popular music artists preform at Rimac. Downside to this is that most UCSD students don't know what the hell to do at a concert.
Like most things, UCSD is what you make of it. If you put in a little more effort and have access to a car, you can have fun and get a great education at the same time.
"Dude you live in San Diego why are you so pale?"
" I go to UCSD."
" At UCSD I partied my ass off and still graduated in four years."
"I thought everyone at UCSD were pansy-ass nerds from suburbia, but I met some chill people smoking out on the cliffs."
"I saw my professor naked on the far side of Blacks Beach."
by Germel May 09, 2007
UCSD is the only school besides Berkeley, UCLA, and UCI where the hard-working middle-class asian is the majority. As a result, UCSD has a large mass of workahalics who lack adequate americanized social skills despite knowing how to ace a test. But, the university still boasts the best weather and location in the country, and has 20,000 undergrads to select one's group of friends from. In response, it may not be party central, but if you go to UCSD and don't have fun or find someone attractive... it is likely becuase you are one of the individuals giving the university a bad name by being antisocial and looking like a nerd.. UCSD is what you make it. Overall, it's cheap, a good college experience for those who actually try to make it one, a place that students actually want to get a degree from. And, if you just want to party all of the time and work ar Burger King once you graduate, SDSU is right down the street.
200 Daniel Lee's currently attend UCSD
by davedavedavedave April 13, 2007
A school without attractive people. After attending this school one will be diagnosed with the Triton Eye. The Triton Eye is a disease caused by being around ugly girls too long and your standards for what is attractive is lowered extremely.
An example of the Triton Eye would be looking at a girl and thinking I would have sex with her (but dear God you know you dont want to).
by Jacob May 05, 2005
Honest truth about UCSD, from a UCSD alumni:

UCSD Pros: One block from the ocean and great surf. La Jolla location (nicest part of SD). Close to Mexico. Just as good as Berkeley or UCLA in terms of academics. Easy-going feel to campus. Very good career prospects for those in the sciences. Sends more people to graduate school than any other school in the country. SUNGOD. At SunGod you will have more fun in a single day than you will have in an entire year at Berkeley or UCLA.

UCSD Cons: Lack of name recognition. On the East Coast people get us confused with the special education kids at SDSU or USD. Generally unattractive student body, but it's the same way at UCLA or Berkeley. All three are full of overachieving nerds. No D-1 sports program. No frat row, although 10% at UCSD are Greek. Quiet campus on weekends, because everyone goes to Pacific Beach, Mexico or house parties.

Overall Rating: A-. All UCSD needs is a D-1 sports program, and they're working on it. If you get involved in Greek life, sports or surf club at UCSD, it will be as much, or more, fun as any UC campus.
UCSD is a top-tier school in La Jolla.
by Lukeo5 December 12, 2007
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