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UCSD is the only school besides Berkeley, UCLA, and UCI where the hard-working middle-class asian is the majority. As a result, UCSD has a large mass of workahalics who lack adequate americanized social skills despite knowing how to ace a test. But, the university still boasts the best weather and location in the country, and has 20,000 undergrads to select one's group of friends from. In response, it may not be party central, but if you go to UCSD and don't have fun or find someone attractive... it is likely becuase you are one of the individuals giving the university a bad name by being antisocial and looking like a nerd.. UCSD is what you make it. Overall, it's cheap, a good college experience for those who actually try to make it one, a place that students actually want to get a degree from. And, if you just want to party all of the time and work ar Burger King once you graduate, SDSU is right down the street.
200 Daniel Lee's currently attend UCSD
by davedavedavedave April 13, 2007

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