The University of California, Santa Barbara.

Ranked 44th by US News and World Report. The school has had five faculty win the Nobel Prize, 27 have been elected to the National Academy of the Sciences, 27 to the National Academy of Engineering, and 23 to the American Academy of the Arts and Sciences.

It is located in Santa Barbara, California, on a small peninsula or isle that the University owns.

The school is known for a few things:

1.) Despite its reputation, it is not academically virtuous.
2.) It houses the most incredible and drunken parties to take place at any University in the US. (Possibly world)
3.) Many people that attend UCSB are bitter that they got rejected to East coast schools, and top tier UC's.
4.) Most other colleges in Southern California drive to UCSB to rage.
5.) There is no competition at UCSB because everyone is drunk 100% of the time.
6.) UCSB is a great school is you want a college experience like no other.
Friend 1: I go to UCSB because I got rejected to Cal and UCLA :(
Friend 2: ME TOO!
Friend 1: Let's go Party on Isle Vista because our we will graduate no matter what.

High School Student: Where did you go to college?!
High School Teacher: I went to UCSB, that's why I'm a high school teacher :)

USC undergrad: I'm bored in LA.
UCLA undergrad: Even though I hate you, I agree, let's go rage at UCSB?
USC undergrad: Sounds good, at least we can have fun, and come back and go to class at our accredited universities!
by Don'tHateTheTruth1 May 14, 2009
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Top Definition
1. University of California - Santa Barbara

2. University of Casual Sex and Beer

3. An almost too-good-to-be-true place that combines excellent academics with a vibrant social atmosphere and perfect weather. It is also the only university in the United States that owns its own beach.
Omigod you go to UCSB? Can I be your friend?
by Eva July 22, 2004
The best fucking school in the world
by Anonymous March 12, 2003
UC Santa Barbara-a collection of students that are drunk more days than not and have mastered the skill of studying buzzed, going to class buzzed and passing midterms buzzed.
Non SB-er: You go to UCSB? Is it true that 12% of the students have STDs?
SB student: I dont know...does it look like I take fucking a poll about that shit?
by evie February 12, 2005
Classically known as the University of Casual Sex and Beer, but also known as:

-University of Conviviality Stupor and Belligerence

-U Can Study Buzzed

-University of Countless Sexy Blonds

-U Can Smoke Bud

-Underage Californians Studying Booze

-University of California's Sunny Beaches

-University of California at Santa Barbara
UCSB also somehow manages to match this reputation in academic superiority, having top-notch professors and world renowned research facilities.
by SB Gaucho January 26, 2008
ucsb: the most legit campus of all the uc's. ucsb is the school everyone thats anyone wants to go to. world class academics, a beautiful student body as well as an unbeatable party scene makes it a ridiculously good college experience.
i go to ucsb. thus, my friends come from their pathetic state school parties to rage.........the real way.
by iheartucsb March 10, 2007
University of Casual Sex and Beer
I go to UCSB, University of Casual Sex and Beer. Wanna party?
by CC in BCN April 01, 2007
u c suntanning blondes
u can study boozed
u can study boobs
u c sleazy bitchez
u c something blonde
i went to Uscb...oh shit i meant ucsb
by davidpenis slapper November 24, 2004
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