University of California, Sexy Back
You are so UCSB! DAYUM GIRl you got it going on!
by park it like its hott October 25, 2006
An acronym for University of Cunts and Sons of Bitches. An institute for higher learning and research, located in Santa Barbara, California, is known for its student body with a high fraction of trust fund babies from Los Angeles and the surrounding regions.
Kate: Can't believe Jasmine is gonna go to UCSB! Now she'll dye her hair blond and gets boobs and stuff being around all those whores!

Erika: No way, she'll be hungin around with Latinas with huge bellies...
by hmmmhmmmmm August 29, 2008
1) University of California - Santa Barbara
2) A beautiful university north of Los Angeles that is known for its drunken parties and sex.
Synonym: UCSTD
UCSB is nice, but I actually want to be able to get work done, so I'm going to UC Berkeley.
by Cal Bears April 29, 2005
The University of California, Santa Barbara.

Ranked 44th by US News and World Report. The school has had five faculty win the Nobel Prize, 27 have been elected to the National Academy of the Sciences, 27 to the National Academy of Engineering, and 23 to the American Academy of the Arts and Sciences.

It is located in Santa Barbara, California, on a small peninsula or isle that the University owns.

The school is known for a few things:

1.) Despite its reputation, it is not academically virtuous.
2.) It houses the most incredible and drunken parties to take place at any University in the US. (Possibly world)
3.) Many people that attend UCSB are bitter that they got rejected to East coast schools, and top tier UC's.
4.) Most other colleges in Southern California drive to UCSB to rage.
5.) There is no competition at UCSB because everyone is drunk 100% of the time.
6.) UCSB is a great school is you want a college experience like no other.
Friend 1: I go to UCSB because I got rejected to Cal and UCLA :(
Friend 2: ME TOO!
Friend 1: Let's go Party on Isle Vista because our we will graduate no matter what.

High School Student: Where did you go to college?!
High School Teacher: I went to UCSB, that's why I'm a high school teacher :)

USC undergrad: I'm bored in LA.
UCLA undergrad: Even though I hate you, I agree, let's go rage at UCSB?
USC undergrad: Sounds good, at least we can have fun, and come back and go to class at our accredited universities!
by Don'tHateTheTruth1 May 14, 2009

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