A common acronym used to describe an "Unknown Bittie" (aka a fine girl that you do not know personally)
"Dude did you see that Ub over there? Id tear that shit up!"
by Zach Hess August 17, 2007
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Short for "The State University of New York at Buffalo". Is a two campus school where the professors often times lack English speaking skills and classes in mathematics or other departments could and should also recieve credit towards the foreign language requirement. The UB student body is composed of a heavy percentage of Asians and Jewish, dick-loving whores from Long Island (pronounced "Lawn-Guy-Land"). Also known as "Jew-B" (in reference to the heavy Long Island population).
I am a political science major at UB.
by UBBryan2002 April 03, 2004
Unexpected Boner
Joe was about to stand to shake Jeremy's hand, but was forced back into the chair by an enormous UB.
by bellirubbre April 13, 2009
an acronym meaning UNGRATEFUL BITCH
man that girl who drives that one black honda accord is a UB
mainly of asian decent and likes to play guys and is cheap and selfish and doesnt like to turn their lights on in their big house
Dont be a UB
man that girl is a UB
by UBsarebaddontbeone April 25, 2009
when you get a bonner when you dont need one.
Unnecessary Bonner.
i had a U.B this morning when i woke up.
by mike.l July 09, 2006
U B, a shortened version of 'U B St00pid'. Only stupider. Was first used by Jesus in Roman Times when he was being trialed by Pilot.
Jesus - U B, Pilot.
by Vermillion Bagel September 25, 2008
When you have an "Uncontrollable Boner" and need a hall pass to leave class early, commonly used as a nickname
Man 1: Hey, Whats your name?
Man 2: People call me U.B.
Man 1: Whys that?
by The Lindenhurst Crew April 03, 2008
A baby that is so ugly (Ugly Baby) that it is cute.
"Oh look at that UB" person 1
"Wow, he's such an UB" person 2
"Thanks! What's a UB" confused mother
"It just means he's cute" person 1
by UB-UB-UB November 16, 2011

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