A baby that is so ugly (Ugly Baby) that it is cute.
"Oh look at that UB" person 1
"Wow, he's such an UB" person 2
"Thanks! What's a UB" confused mother
"It just means he's cute" person 1
by UB-UB-UB November 16, 2011
this means you got an uncontrolable boner!
damn man ive got a u.b
by ice kidd March 31, 2008
An exclamation yelled whilst making a u-turn in an unauthorized, highly dangerous area; often cutting off other motorists minding their own business.
"Holy Shit, you can't turn here...you're gonna wreck that asian kid on the tricycle...watch out... U-B!!!"
by The T. isn't silent. May 06, 2009
Under a Blanket
ON the phone: "Hey Connie, where are you at?"

Connie: "UB"

Me: "oh, you're at home"

Connie: "who said i was at home? i just said i was under a blanket"
by chuck sternobloids January 23, 2009
UN-BOYFRIEND. Pronounced EWE-BEE. For a commitment-phobic woman, a UB is a man she is dating but she does not want anyone calling him her "boyfriend." She is often dating (and enjoying) several UBs at once. Of the ilk of friends with benefits or fuck buddies.
Girl_One: She has so many boyfriends, doesn't she?

Girl_Two: Naw, those are her UB's, she's just a cougar who can't commit.
by baconfeet June 01, 2007
A contraction of über-Christian; refers to people whose religious beliefs exceed the theoretical boundary of a normal person. Often found condemning heathens or reciting the Bible.
Dude, that chick is smokin' hot! Too bad she's an üb.
by Alex French November 17, 2003
1. When a teenage boy flirts and doesn't accept it yet he flirts with every girl that looks his way.

2. When someone flirts over and over again and denies it but then in a late night phone conversation starts to talk about how every girl exept for one are awesome at flirting
"hey where is alex?" "he is being his Ub self with that girl"
by 1big2boi3 April 29, 2009

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