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UEE is one of the members of the Korean girl band 'After School'. She was a member of the girl group 'Five Girls' but was disbanded before its formal debut. She was also a good actress, and acted in the TV drama 'So she is Mi-Nam', 'We Got Married' and 'Birdie Bunny' and recently 'My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed fox'. Her father is a well-known baseball coach in Korea Kim Sung-kap. She was also known as 'Honey Thighs' acknowledged her long and pretty legs.
Q: Do you think UEE is overrated among the After School girls?
A: Maybe, but don't forget that she is a very talented girl very good in dancing and acting, and she was a professional swimmer in the past!
by Minnie2010101010 November 06, 2010
A major U-turn or step backwards in life.
1. Yo! That cab driver made a major U-ee!!!
2. My stepdad, Danny, paid his driver to make a U-ee and drive on the sidewalk!
by TheNeonEyesBand June 24, 2013