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To engage in intercourse with a female from the rear while simultaneously striking her buttocks (i.e. "clapping").
Veronica has a tight ass, I want to clap dem cheeks
by AnonJudicator April 05, 2010


English keeper Robert Green will be forever haunted by the sound of the vuvuzela
by AnonJudicator June 12, 2010
A drinking town with a football problem.
Gainesville is home of the Florida Gators and is nicknamed Hoggtown.
by AnonJudicator September 07, 2009
The armpit of Florida. Everything smells like fucking sulfur thanks to the Georgia Pacific paper mill. The teenagers have nothing better to do than use meth and hang out in the parking lot of the only Wal-Mart drinking beer and harassing customers.
Palatka is a place you drive through as quickly as possible on your way to the beach from Gainesville.
by AnonJudicator September 07, 2009
What Japanese people are afraid of
Stan used a Godzilla model to successful defend Sea World from the Japanese
by AnonJudicator November 01, 2009
A variant of the popular OSUCKS and the proper name for the Ohio State Buckeyes and their fans. Earned for their back-to-back national championship loses in basketball and football to the glorious Florida Gators.
The Suckeyes think they are good when their schedule is nothing but in-state cupcakes like the Ohio Institute of Airconditioning Repair.
by AnonJudicator September 06, 2009
A term used by law students and those in the legal profession to refer to large private firms in the US. These firms are typically located in NYC, Chicago, or Washington DC and have impressive multi-million dollar offices in skyscrapers, complete with full libraries that are rarely used. Many law students initially aspire to work for a Big Law firm.

The seduction:

> Six-figure salaries, as much as $150k right out of school
> Internship during school, which mostly involves a reduced workload with lavish lunches and trips to baseball games
> Company perks, like leased Beamers or season tickets to MLB or NBA games

The reality:

> 2500 to 3000 billable hours, which translates to 80-90 hour work weeks
> 7am-7pm five days a week, often half day on Saturday, so you don't have time to use your Knicks tickets anyway
> Over 33 percent drop-out rate among first-year associates, up to two-thirds quit by third year
> Lawyers have one of the highest rates of alcoholism and depression among all professions, and this is especially prevalent in big private law firms
1L: I want to work in Big Law so I can buy a boat and drive a BMW 745i

3-year associate: I'll gladly trade you mine in exchange for the last three years of my 20s back
by AnonJudicator October 26, 2009
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