a girl's name. It signifies the word "shoes" Tyrelinas is Greek. Gay.
Tyrel broke her skirt.
by FredYin June 16, 2008
Top Definition
An outdoorsy, fun loving, protector. Extremely truthful and very easy to be around. Loves laughter, and a good beer. Overly protective at times, also has problems controlling anger. All in all amazingly wonderful person. Easy to fall head over heals for. Very caring, loving, and gentle. Has a big gruff outer show but deep down a teddy bear. Very tender hearted. If with him luckiest girl in the whole world.
Tyrel is the greatest man in the world and I love him more then anything in the whole world.
by eyegreenbuety February 04, 2010
a super kid, really good at sports
Tyrel is cool
by meme November 05, 2003
Tyrel is a big dufus that no one likes. Do not be his friend
Man dude he is so tyrel
by joshua tib May 14, 2015

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