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An outdoorsy, fun loving, protector. Extremely truthful and very easy to be around. Loves laughter, and a good beer. Overly protective at times, also has problems controlling anger. All in all amazingly wonderful person. Easy to fall head over heals for. Very caring, loving, and gentle. Has a big gruff outer show but deep down a teddy bear. Very tender hearted. If with him luckiest girl in the whole world.
Tyrel is the greatest man in the world and I love him more then anything in the whole world.
by eyegreenbuety February 04, 2010
157 52
a super kid, really good at sports
Tyrel is cool
by meme November 05, 2003
160 88
a girl's name. It signifies the word "shoes" Tyrelinas is Greek. Gay.
Tyrel broke her skirt.
by FredYin June 16, 2008
41 143