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n. a theoretical disorder associated with impairment of the ability to type like a normal human being. Some common occurances include inserting a space in the wrong place (1), using a captial letter unintentionally (2,3), releasing the shift key early when using punctuation (4), accidently inverting letters (5).
1) "Here isa n exampl eof typelexia!!"
2) "hEre is an example of typelexia!!"
3) "HEre is an example of typelexia!!"
4) "Here is an example of typelexia!1"
5) "Here si an exmapel of typelexia!!"
by Brian Rooker December 28, 2006
Dyslexia while typing.
Jack: uhh thats 0253
Jill: oops i meant 0235
Jack: got dyslexia?
Jill: no, typelexia.
by Auddie January 31, 2004
A physical "abnormality" that causes us to type the same word wrong all the time. We know the correct spelling but we type the letters in the wrong order.
I suffer from typelexia and always type the word "item" as "tiem".
by Dennis P Ryan January 24, 2009
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