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(adj.) An emotion commonly experienced by minorities who lack an expanded vocabulary to express how they feel. Researchers have not been able to pinpoint what this emotion resembles since it can be experienced by people who exhibit positive feelings and by others exhibit negative feelings.
"Having to stay late at work makes me feel some type of way."

"I love Johnny. His dick makes me feel that type of way!"

"Getting t-bagged on xbox live makes me feel some type of way."
#some type of way #happy #sad #bored #frustrated #excited
by wisdom of our generation June 12, 2014
On Facebook, when you are chatting with someone and you see that they are typing a response and then they back out and don't send it. It is similar to the right of way when driving
Doug: I did alright.
Jessica: *types soething (most likely what she really wants to say then deletes it and just does not respond*
Doug: Come on Jessica you had the Type of way. now what were you going to say
#facebook chat #driving #text #unsure #typing
by warrior54p September 21, 2011
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