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The state of having mysteriously lost a number of hours after someone suggests "Just one more drink" at happy hour.
After three drinks at happy hour, Tyler suggests "one more round!" Suddenly it's 2am; the bar is closing; you have no idea what happened in the last 7 hours; and you're unlikely to be sober by the time you need to be at work. You've been Tylered.
by zeussaxis May 15, 2013
Verb: When someone has made a mistake, a mess, injured themselves or other, recked an object, said something offensive, embarrased ones self, or when someone generally fucks up.
"He managed to set his pants of fire. Now he's on the ground doubled over because he hit himself in the testicles trying to put it out"

"Wow, he really tylered it."
by Chad Cardinal July 11, 2009
Tto be proven to have more awesomeness.
Tyler Tyler Tylered Tyler's Tyler.
by cputj September 15, 2008

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