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short for "twitter hug"
When @DonnieWahlberg was feeling forgotten he set a goal to receive 1 million twugs.
by XcvX June 17, 2009
A young guy who looks like a cross between a twink and a thug.
That Brent Everett is a total twug.
by yagtaluda November 25, 2012
"Thats What You Get". Used to emphasise why something happened. Thats what you get can be exclaimed loudly or spoken softly.
Upon seeing Simon falling over and hurting himself, I yelled "TWUG!".
by sj2can November 10, 2008
Definition of TWUG: that's what you get. t.w.u.g: that's what you get!
For example, if someone lost a game of footy, you'd say twug (that is what you get, t.w.u.g )
Or, if someone says my hair looks shocking, the replyer could state - twug!!
Another example is, twug, for being a loser.
Synonyms: so there, sucked in, that's what you deserve, karma.

by Jamesy08 November 10, 2008
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