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(v.) To show great approval of, stalk, swarm over an/or drool at.

2. To attempt to acquire something or make conversation about acquiring it
The chavs can be seen twokking from the Jewelry counter.
by Saruhbear August 26, 2008
The action of twerking and walking at the same time. Mainly done on the side walk of roads, an interpreter would put his or her head down between his legs and start walking and twerking, and the head would be down to see where he or she is going.
Jim: "I hope Miley Cyrus doesn't start twokking too."
John "Dear God no. We can only hope"
by Pootispenser June 08, 2014
Twerking while walking at the same time!
Did you see Deano twokking at McDonalds ....Hes such a chav!
by shjordan March 17, 2014