Two-Two is like a high five except you do it twice really quick.
Boy: I just stuck my fist in my mouth
Boy2: two-two DUDE!
*Highfives twice*
by Gabbyyyyyy October 30, 2007
Top Definition
pronounced (too-toos). This is said as a replacement to GET THIS or GUESS WHAT
tWOtWO'S YEAH, i was walking down the road when ...
by aijaz April 23, 2008

Went to this crazy party last night init, but two twos someone got merked
by lrsd October 19, 2008
A twenty-two caliber pistol. Similar to fofo.
Packin' a two-two, just incase somone starts some static.
by zachnnn March 23, 2007
The female genitalia. Comprised of two inner lips and two outer lips, which make up the two-two. Also known as {tutu}, or 2-2, this term is often used in place of more crude choices such as {pussy}, {cunt}, or when speaking to children - in place of anotomically scary or mature words such as {vagina}.
"Let's {69}! I will put my mouth on your {tool} and you can put your mouth on my two-two!"

"Okay little Sally, remember - when you take a bath, be sure to wash your two-two."
by Shae D October 19, 2006
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