Two-Two is like a high five except you do it twice really quick.
Boy: I just stuck my fist in my mouth
Boy2: two-two DUDE!
*Highfives twice*
by Gabbyyyyyy October 30, 2007
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Went to this crazy party last night init, but two twos someone got merked
by lrsd October 19, 2008
pronounced (too-toos). This is said as a replacement to GET THIS or GUESS WHAT
tWOtWO'S YEAH, i was walking down the road when ...
by aijaz April 23, 2008
A twenty-two caliber pistol. Similar to fofo.
Packin' a two-two, just incase somone starts some static.
by zachnnn March 23, 2007
The female genitalia. Comprised of two inner lips and two outer lips, which make up the two-two. Also known as {tutu}, or 2-2, this term is often used in place of more crude choices such as {pussy}, {cunt}, or when speaking to children - in place of anotomically scary or mature words such as {vagina}.
"Let's {69}! I will put my mouth on your {tool} and you can put your mouth on my two-two!"

"Okay little Sally, remember - when you take a bath, be sure to wash your two-two."
by Shae D October 19, 2006

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