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A take on the popular term "winning," it refers to identical thoughts or behavior, as well as to brilliance.
Person 1: "Oh my gosh, I was just about to say that!"
Person 2: "TWINNING!"

Person 1: "Uh, we're wearing the same sweater?"
Person 2: "TWINNING!!"
by .,.,.,.,.,. January 06, 2012
When someone and their friend say or think the same thing, they are "twinning"
Martin was twinning with his friend, Jonathan about their hobbie
by Lil Korean kiddy March 31, 2015
The act of Winning and being a Twin.. simultaneously.

Being Able to do anything you want exceptionally well with you're twin.

All Arguments Against TWINNERS Are Invalid
Yo man, look at will and garby dude they're always Twinning.

DUH #Twinning
by lyrically genius June 03, 2012
Doubling your sexual pleasure by getting it in with lesbian twins.
Dude 1: I got hot DTF twins comin over tonight.
Dude 2: Bro, you are so twinning!
Dude 1: Duh... Twinning!
by StattnMacy August 18, 2011
When two females begin to sync their shaving patterns.

A.K.A. Their armpits and/or other bodily parts.
Lindz: Hey Britt, how are your pits today?
Britt: Great, I just shaved them last night!
Lindz: OMG, me too!
Britt: We are so twinning!
Linz: Ya we are!!!
by vagattack March 27, 2014
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