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To joke around with, joshing
"you're charcoal heather shirt is ugly"
"Take a chill pill man, i was just twiggin' you"
by Hilz December 11, 2006

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twiggin' twigging
While having intercourse with a girl the man stops suddenly and makes the girl finger herself while he watches. Which in turn is more arousing than just fucking for the man.
Lisa: What is it ?
Bart: I don't want to fuck you anymore.
Lisa: (let's out a moan)
Bart: Finger yourself. WHILE I WATCH ? ... what? Get going BITCH ?
Lisa: Anything for you Bart.
Bart: Twiggin better than fucking

Bart: Hey bro you won't believe what Lisa and I did last night ?
Millhouse: What man ?
Bart: We were twiggin.
Millhouse: What ?
Bart: Twiggin better than fucking. It's when... (screen fades to black)
by twig mcdoodoo April 26, 2010