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1.The act of twerking in a circular motion; 2. also a group of women forming a protective circle at the club with which to freely twerk in without worrying about thirsty dudes approaching; 3. A nerdy chick who loves to twerk
1. "Tell me that ratchet ass chick is not over there trying to dance like a one legged duck!" "Nah man she's just trying to twerkle"

2. "I really wanna dance with that girl but there's no way I can infiltrate that twerkle"

3. "That girl with the glasses is fine ..I love the way she shakes her ass....she's def a twerkle"
by Bobby Fisha September 07, 2013
A twerkle is a group of people twerking, or grinding in a circular formation, so nobody is left out of the tewrk. This is similar to a twerk train.
"Aw, man we had this huge twerkle at the party on saturday, you shoulda benn there. It was tite"
or "We had a twerkle with Steve Erkle"
by Carl April 06, 2005
A circle of people shaking their hips/asses, a.k.a. "twerking".
At the Miley Cyrus concert Last Friday were a lot of twerkles in the crowd.
by LK. June 23, 2014
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