twitter ho
Congressional twatters make more news on CNN
by K8northoakland February 28, 2009
Top Definition
A word Joe Jonas apparently likes to use.
We don't have twatter or twitter!
by 456548975645632123 April 11, 2009
The Joe Jonas version of Twitter.
"We don't have a Twitter.. Twatter, whatever that's called."
by squarebubblex April 26, 2009
A person fond of frequently publishing over-indulgent twitterings which saturate their followers' pages to the point where they remove all contact and leap from the nearest fifteenth floor.
Example 1: Mother fucking Teresa will that Stephen Fry ever shut the fuck up the fucking twatter?

Example 2: Have you read that over-indulgent twitter from Sam Crawford? He's obviously a twatter.
The hypocrisy of his status update was evident when he wrote a second example which fruitlessly attempted to define the word Twatter.
by SamuelCrawford February 24, 2009
An exceptional amount of girly twitter updates.

Twitter is a social network of simple status updates for you and a close network of friends.
Girls that may over-use and over-update their status with girly ideas and girly agendas will be doing twatter, opposed to the original, twitter.

funinthesun - goin to the beach w/ the GiRlZ!
2 minutes ago from web

funinthesun - just saw matt, look at that package hehehehe!!./1/11
5 minutes ago from web

funinthesun - my tampon fell out =(
10 minutes ago from mobile
by winecurrency March 27, 2009
a person who uses twitter.
Oh he just twittered about waking up with bologna stuck to his chest. What a twatter.
by sandercommander May 26, 2009
Disambiguation of twat

1.) Slang term in reference to a person being like the female genitalia in the same fashion as vag

2.) A slang term, in jest due to its nature, for a plane used at the United States Air Force Academy. The United States Air Force operates three de Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otters for the United States Air Force Academy's skydiving team. The cadets affectionately call the aircraft the "'Twatter."
1.) "She is the king twatter"

2.) "Did you see the Twatter fly over?"
by SirRahh July 10, 2008
Slang term for the popular social networking site twitter.
Nick: I'm gonna see what's happening on twatter
Chris: me too, love that site
by Twattownusa August 21, 2011

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